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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cured salmon--Gravlax part 2

Today we ate the gravlax that I cured a couple of weeks ago, it was delicious!  Much better than the cold smoked salmon that we usually buy at the grocery.  The only comment that I got that might be negative was from my husband.  He said, "This isn't raw salmon, is it?"  The kids and I loved it, although we did end up eating it in a very un-scandinavian way, with bagels, cream cheese, thin sliced sweet onions, and capers!

I've had the cured salmon in the middle of my chest freezer for a couple of weeks.  According to several internet sources, it is advisable to freeze fresh salmon for at least 7 days at 10 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate any parasites.  You can also buy frozen salmon and then you don't have to freeze it, most refrigerator freezers do not get cold enough.  Next time I would probably buy pre-frozen salmon.

Slicing the salmon was much easier because I used a very sharp boning knife and sliced it while it was slightly frozen.  I sliced it diagonally in thin slices off of the skin.

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