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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Sauna

Sauna is an integral part of the Finnish culture, we have wanted one for a long time.  In the U.S., not many are in the habit of using a sauna, but it is wonderful for cleansing.  I've had a couple of requests for a tour of the sauna we just finished building...hope you enjoy it!  

This is the view into the sauna, we ordered a kit from Canada, and my husband modified for the 45 degree angle door.  The sauna is extremely well insulated and heats up fast with an electric heater.  It is 5x7 feet.

 Every sauna needs a thermometer, I found this one (cheap!) on ebay.  I love the retro look.

 I found this wooden Paula Deen soup ladle at Wal-Mart!  Works great to throw water...

We took out a door and made a dressing area--I love all the hooks and open shelving, so functional with kids and teenagers!

We put in a prefab shower stall to minimize cleaning.  My husband used leftover cedar to make trim.

Our whole family is really enjoying the sauna, and we took an unusable part of the basement and gave it a purpose.


  1. Congratulations! It's a beautiful sauna. We built an outside sauna 3 years ago...enjoy your sauna.

  2. You have a lovely sauna room, and the dressing room is a nice touch! I suddenly got jealous because I always wanted to have my own sauna at home, but I don’t have enough space for it. Anyway, this is definitely a treat for your family and I hope it still in good condition, so you can get the best out of it.

    ------>>> Lucy Eury