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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red beets and yellow beets with seasoned rice vinegar

At the grocery, I found some yellow beets along with the usual red beets, and couldn't resist trying them.  This is not a Finnish dish at all, more of an experiment, but it was so delicious and simple that it really deserves its own blog page.

I boiled the beets without peeling them (separate colors in separate pots so they would keep their colors) for about half an hour.  Then I drained, peeled, and sliced them.  You have to be careful with the red beets, they turn anything they touch red.  I thought about just serving them as is, but we love putting seasoned rice vinegar on vegetables.  It is the same vinegar that is used on sushi rice, and it is wonderful.  My Mom even buys it by the case when she can.  It is a great salad topper, and a delicious wayPublish Post to make quick pickle salad from fresh cucumbers and onions.

It would be just as good with only red beets, but these were so colorful together.  I just sprinkled the vinegar on with a little salt and pepper, so simple and delicious!

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